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MedTech Series: From Bench to Startup | Week 1

Date: January 27, 2022 - 12:00pm to 1:00pm
Location: 850 PBC + Zoom (hybrid)

Places like ASU provide the right mix of innovative research, supportive programs, and the framework of the entrepreneurial mindset that can launch careers and promote successful new ventures. MedTech is one industry where entrepreneurs are starting some of the most exciting startups. But how do you take what may have started “in the lab” as an interesting research project and turn that into a new venture? ASU’s Venture Devils is kicking off its MedTech seminar series with a panel of entrepreneurs who have started their companies fresh out of University to address exciting new opportunities in medicine, technology, and improving the human condition. You will find out what choices these entrepreneurs have made and the valuable lessons learned along the way. 

This panel discussion will be moderated by Chris Yoo, CEO of Yoo & Co Acelerators. Leveraging over a decade of expertise helping Healthcare and Life Sciences companies bring their technology solutions to market, Yoo & Co. Accelerators now brings that experience and passion directly to more startups attempting to build critical mass in Phoenix, Arizona. Our Mission is to accelerate the readiness of select startups to achieve market success and find the right investors and partners for their business. 


Nicholas Hool |  Hoolest Performance Technologies

Jasmine Bhatti + Ayan Said | Navi Concierge Nurses

Hannah Eherenfeldt | ReSuture 

This event will be offered both in-person and on Zoom (virtual). All registered attendees will recieve the associated Zoom link prior to the event.

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