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Devils Invent

Date: February 16, 2018 - 5:30pm to 2:00pm
Location: ECG 100 (Generator Labs)

Devils Invent is a series of weekend-long engineering and design challenges. Participating students are encouraged to design, build, and implement innovative solutions to challenging problem statements submitted by community, industry and University partners.

Devils Invent events are targeted at students that are committed to making a difference and developing their entrepreneurial mindset. The challenges are open to Freshman- Ph.D. students. Teams will be formed during the event.

Devils Invent – Tempe events will be hosted in the Generator Labs (ECG 100) and surrounding eSpaces and 3D print lab. For the fall 2017 November event, the new Tooker House residence hall will host a freshmen-only event. Polytechnic events will be hosted in the Innovation Hub (Technology Center) and surrounding classroom spaces.

Invent for the Planet is a 48-hour Intensive Design Experience (IDE) that engages students at different universities around the world on a single weekend to solve high impact, global problems. Invent for the Planet will be held in multiple locations across the globe simultaneously. Each group will start on Friday, February 16th. New groups will join the race to innovation as time travels across the world. Student teams will work on provided design challenges in local teams and will be encouraged to connect with teams across the globe as they come online. Devils Invent will be hosted in the Generator Labs (ECG 100-Tempe campus) and use the surrounding eSpaces and 3D print lab. Engineering Projects in Community Service (EPICS) will be a partnering program for this event.