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Entrepreneurship basics

To many, the dream of becoming an entrepreneur can seem intimidating, or out of reach. Questions loom about where to begin, and often even the word stirs confusion. It’s easy to question whether entrepreneurship really is “for you.” The Edson Entrepreneurship + Innovation Institute team is here to assure you that society stands to benefit from your ideas. We can help you push past these nerves and Just Start. This is our call to action, and we want to help you move forward with confidence. 

Frequently asked questions

Entrepreneurs are people who create value, who have ideas to fill voids or fix problems, or who offer better ways of doing things. People like Steve Jobs or Oprah Winfrey may come to mind, but the reality is that entrepreneurs are everywhere — here at ASU, in your hometown and in your family. You could be an entrepreneur without even knowing it!

Entrepreneurship usually begins with a sense of curiosity and a desire to fix something — big or small — that’s been a source of frustration. It may feel simple, but identifying things that are bothersome can be a helpful starting point for how to improve things. Once you’ve identified a problem, the key is to set goals and develop a plan for achieving them. None of these skills require intensive study or special knowledge, but they do require maintenance to keep them sharp. Edson E+I Institute has programs and resources that can help.

Edson E+I supports entrepreneurs in the community as well as student entrepreneurs, faculty and staff entrepreneurs. While ASU does offer nearly two dozen undergraduate and graduate programs focused on entrepreneurship across a variety of disciplines, these are not the only path to entrepreneurship. We have a host of other resources to help you continue on your entrepreneurial journey, or to just start!

 How Edson E+I can help you

Many people associate entrepreneurship with business, but we take a much broader view. Entrepreneurs can start nonprofit or low-profit organizations that provide tremendous non-market value to society. Intrapreneurs start up subsidiaries or units for existing, larger organizations. Still more people just have an entrepreneurial mindset — where others only see problems, they see improvements, ideas and solutions, and they are always tinkering with a new idea. 

At Edson E+I, we have programs and initiatives for all types of entrepreneurs and all kinds of ideas. Our service model is integrated into almost every ASU degree program to some extent — a variety of academic programs place a special emphasis on entrepreneurship. We also offer incubators, labs and workshops designed to hone business acumen and just strengthen important everyday skills. Whatever you’re up to in school, work or life, there’s a place for you with Edson E+I. 

Related resources

From self-guided lessons to working spaces to mentorship opportunities, Edson E+I offers resources for anyone to use on their entrepreneurial journey.

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Foundations of entrepreneurship

Our Training and Development Resources include a variety of modules to help you learn the fundamentals.

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Entrepreneurship student organizations

Build friendships, develop your leadership skills, grow personally and engage with the Sun Devil community.

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Just Start guidebook

Sometimes, the first step is the hardest. We offer some activities to help you reflect on your ideas and set specific goals.

Every idea has a potential to become successful. But the journey to success isn’t easy. You need to be ready to learn from every mistake or failure.

Anjali Nennelli Venture Mentor and Founder, Lotus Labs, Inc.

Related programs

Join one of our programs for guidance and mentorship to help advance your idea.

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Entrepreneurship Catalysts

Entrepreneurship Catalysts are available to connect ASU students, faculty and staff to helpful resources on entrepreneurship.

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Venture Devils

This program accelerates entrepreneurial success by pairing founders with knowledgeable and experienced mentors who provide guidance every step of the way.

Virtual Venture Internship

ASU students cultivate their skills while helping a Phoenix-based organization grow during this seven-week virtual internship.

What’s next?

Now that you understand the basics, learn next steps toward getting your great idea off the ground.