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Edson E+I Fellows

Who are Edson E+I Fellows?

The Edson Entrepreneurship + Innovation Fellows community is a yearlong experience for first-year Sun Devils who want to explore the possibilities of entrepreneurship. As an Edson E+I Fellow, you will have opportunities to build your network, develop skills and advance your Arizona State University experience while exploring entrepreneurial ideas and connecting with others.

The Experience:

Edson E+I Fellows is a competitive opportunity for up to 100 incoming first-year students who want to be part of a collective Edson E+I Fellows experience. Before classes even start, as an Edson E+I Fellow, you will connect to resources and students who are curious about entrepreneurship and innovation. Edson E+I Fellows dedicate time outside of class to go to events, connect with other Edson E+I Fellows and take advantage of specific ASU entrepreneurship resources.

The Edson E+I Fellows program is not a scholarship opportunity, but you will have access to apply for funding to further your ideas. It is a way to help make your ideas happen and build a community of entrepreneurs and innovators while in your first year at ASU. The Edson E+I Fellows program is open to all majors and academic interests.

Application Details:

The Edson E+I Fellows program is open to first year students of any major, and direct entrepreneurship experience is not required.

Click here to learn more about this opportunity and to apply.


Bailey Gading 
Senior Program Coordinator