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Edson Student Entrepreneur Initiative

If you’re a student with a big idea, the Edson Student Entrepreneur Initiative is your chance to turn that idea into a successful venture. Winners of the Edson Student Entrepreneur Initiative will be provided tools they need to start, advance and grow a venture. Teams chosen to participate in Edson are awarded work space, mentoring, seed funding and access to startup training and development programs.

Win up to $20K to advance your venture.

Apply to the ASU Edson Student Entrepreneur Initiative today.

Here’s how:

  1. In order to be eligible for Edson, you must first apply to ASU Venture Devils. Venture Devils applications are considered five times per year.
  2. Take part in the Venture Devils Pitch Playoffs twice per year.
  3. Win up to $20K via Venture Devils Demo Days twice per year.


A History of Startup Success

For over a decade, the Edson program has proven to be a highly responsive, individualized and student-centered entrepreneurship program that delivers economic, social and educational impact in real-time.

The Edson Student Entrepreneur Initiative has supported more than 300 student teams and more than 1,200 students in the past 12 years.

In the past three years, Edson teams have raised over 2 million dollars, filed more than 30 patents and hired more than 150 employees.

Edson Design Principles

  1. Advance Ideas
    Edson finalist pitches will be evaluated for viability, scalability, and scocietal and economic impact. 
  2. Engage Multiple Perspectives
    ASU Venture Mentors from across industries and sectors will guide and support ventures.
  3. Invest in the Future
    Edson provides up to $20K in seed funding and support services to qualified ventures.   


  • Edson is open to new or existing startup teams that have at least one current ASU student as a key founder enrolled in at least one credit hour at the time of the finalist Demo Day pitch.
  • Edson is open to all ASU students, including undergraduate, graduate, postdoctoral, online and part-time students.
  • Edson is open to ideas and ventures that are not in conflict with the Student Code of Conduct.
  • Participation in Edson is limited to two years.