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ASU + Cisco Global Problem Solvers Middle School Program

ASU and Cisco are empowering young people in underserved communities to develop solutions to local and global challenges through the Global Problem Solvers (GPS) middle school program. The GPS program engages middle school teachers, students and families in entrepreneurship and digitization skill-building experiences through a combination of workshops, trainings, special events and social gatherings.

The program consists of four central components: teacher education, student engagement, family engagement and community building. By engaging all four of these groups, we seek to help communities recognize and then leverage their power for collective impact.

Through the program, we aspire to educate and empower students to use technology, entrepreneurship and critical thinking skills to solve real-world problems. To do so, we provide middle school educators with training on how to equip students with the technical and entrepreneurial skills to solve community challenges. The teachers guide students through building a team, identifying a problem, developing an Internet of Things-based solution, creating a business plan, testing the solution and sharing their idea.

Ten middle schools in Arizona were selected to participate in the GPS program:

Schools selected for the program receive grant funds and professional development from ASU over the course of two years.

About Cisco and ASU

This programming is supported by grants from the Cisco corporate advised fund at Silicon Valley Community Foundation (SVCF). Cisco-SVCF funding at ASU E+I advances culturally responsive entrepreneurship programs in underserved communities, including: