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ASU Membership - Phoenix Forge Makerspace

Phoenix Forge Makerspace

Phoenix Forge is a makerspace powered by GateWay Community College on behalf of the Maricopa County Community College District with support from Arizona State University. The makerspace is open to the public, MCCCD students and staff and sponsored memberships are available to the ASU community. The space includes a 22,500-square-feet place for makers of all kinds to create, ideate, iterate and collaborate.


Who is eligible for membership?

Current ASU students, faculty and staff are eligible. First priority is given to students, then to faculty and staff involved in related field or coursework. 

How do I claim my membership?

Memberships are provided on a first come, first serve basis. To initiate, please complete this form (have your ASURITE email address ready). Your ASU affiliation will be verified, with confirmation sent to Phoenix Forge. Membership applications and related details will then be processed directly by Phoenix Forge.

What do I need to do to maintain my membership?

In order to provide fair access to maintain your membership, you must remain an active member of the makerspace. Memberships are evaluated every 30 days. If inactive for 30 days, or if your ASU affiliation changes, your membership will be discontinued. If your membership is discontinued, you will be required to restart the process.

535 W. Van Buren St
Phoenix, AZ 850003




Email entrepreneurship@asu.edu