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ASU Kauffman Inclusion Challenge

Inclusion in Entrepreneurship


At ASU, we are measured not by who we exclude but by who we include and how they succeed. At the J. Orin Edson Entrepreneurship + Innovation Institute (Edson E+I), we strive to increase inclusion in entrepreneurship and better meet the needs of diverse entrepreneurs. To accomplish this, each of our programs prioritizes inclusion.

Additionally, we use design thinking to support entrepreneurship program leaders (in the university and in the community) in:

  • Better understanding the needs of female entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs of color
  • Coming up with many ideas of how to better meet those needs
  • Testing and iterating on those ideas

In February 2017, we began the design thinking process. Entrepreneurship program leaders who participated in this workshop were then be eligible to apply for $5,000 seed funding to experiment with ideas to increase the number of female entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs of color in their programs. From March to October 2017, E+I is collaborating with the entrepreneurship programs to test their ideas and iterate as necessary. By November, Edson E+I and the entrepreneurship program leaders will have developed and tested a set of potential best practices that can be shared widely with other entrepreneurship programs seeking to become more inclusive.



Below are some compiled resources related to inclusion in entrepreneurship. If you have other resources you think would be helpful, please send the citation and/or link to Monica.Trejo@asu.edu.

Demographic data on entrepreneurs

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