Innovation Challenge

The Innovation Challenge program is a series of competitions designed and led by each ASU college that encourage students, faculty, staff and the public to solve real world problems with big ideas.


Innovation Challenges are designed across all academic units with themes that span a wide range of interests and topics giving students, faculty, staff and the public an opportunity to express their entrepreneurial spirit. Innovation Challenges are an embodiment of the New American University design aspiration of valuing entrepreneurship and encouraging innovation.

During the 2014-15 academic year, each ASU school and college will engage at least 10 percent of their students in an Innovation Challenge competition, cultivating a greater culture of entrepreneurship and innovation.

The Challenges

Sponsors & Partners

Prizes for the ASU Innovation Challenges program are only possible through the contributions of forward thinking organizations and people with a passion for advancing innovation through student ideas and energy. Corporate entities can sponsor challenges that result in innovative game-changing ideas that solve real corporate challenges. Individuals can contribute to the ASU Innovation Challenges program to help turn students’ innovative ideas into reality.

If you are interested in partnering with ASU on an Innovation Challenge, please contact Jackie Terry.

Contact Us

The ASU Innovation Challenges program is a collaborative effort that stretches across the university. To contact a member of our coordinating team, please email

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